50 States Quiz

Thanks for purchasing my 50 States Map Quiz for Google Classroom or Google Forms!

There are some important steps you will need to take to set up your product before it is ready for your students.



Step 1: Add to Google Drive

After you purchase the product from TeachersPayTeachers, you will need to add it to your Google Drive. Click “Add to Google Drive” and wait for TPT to create the copy. This can take upto 60 seconds but is usually faster. Once done, click on the green “View in Google Drive” button to open up your copy of the quiz.



Step 2: Shuffle Question Order

By default, Google Forms will sort the questions in alphabetical order. If you do not want the states to be quizzed in this order, you will need to enable “Shuffle Question Order”. To do this, first click on the “Settings” gear:


Next, under “Presentation” settings, check the box for “Shuffle question order”:


This step will shuffle the order of the questions, which will help reduce cheating and will also prevent students who have memorized the list alphabetically from filling it in that way.


Step 3: Enable Quiz Mode

If you wish to use the auto-grading features in Google Forms, or if you wish to import scores into Google Classroom, you must select the option to “Make this a quiz” under the “Quizzes” settings menu.


Step 4: Quiz time!

When you’re ready, send the link to students or post it in your Google Classroom. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me for assistance.